Nothing Beats a LDNR

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There will be a Nike half term takeover based on their new campaign Nothing Beats a LDNR.

Over the coming week (9-18 February) Nike will be celebrating sport with over 75 of their sponsored athletes heading into these local communities to inspire Londoners at 250 venues. We were fortunate to have our own event for 45 girls which took place on Tuesday 13 February, and this was in association with Women Run (WMN Run).

The event began at 5.00pm with registration and all students received a ‘Nike Goody Bag’. This was followed by a welcome from WMN Run and a question and answer session with top athletes. Paula Radcliffe MBE; three-time winner of the London Marathon, three-time New York Marathon champion, and 2002 Chicago Marathon winner. She has been the women marathon world record holder for 15 years (2002-present). Emelia Gorecka; Track and Field Athlete,  she specialises in middle and long-distance running, racing in 1500 metres, 3000 metres, 5000 metres and 10,000 metres, as well as cross country running.  Ramla Ali; female Boxer.  Ramla inspired the girls with her story, she said, “I came to the UK as a child refugee fleeing civil war in Somalia. As a Muslim woman, I faced opposition and stigmatisation for pursuing boxing but persevered to become a champion.

“I want to be the first boxer, male or female, to compete for Somalia. Hopefully – Insha-Allah (the Arabic language expression for "God willing" or "if God wills") and represent Somalia in the 2020 Olympics.”

The programme for the evening included a running event and a self-defence class. The event ended with delicious Mexican cuisine.

Thank you to all the athletes who took part and a special thanks goes to Paula Radcliffe who flew over from France especially to be at the St Martin’s event.  Our thanks to Amelia and Sorrell for organising this event with Nike.  Year 10 look forward to working with you after half term in their PE lessons on the Women Run (WMN Run) project.