Vision and ethos

Our aim is simple.  It is to provide an exceptional education for girls of all abilities where they are inspired to learn and are ambitious for the future.  It was the aim of our founders in 1699 and is still our aim today.

Our commitment to academic excellence and personal well-being is total. Our vision is to create a safe, caring, happy and inclusive community underpinned by our Christian values. We want our girls to shine and grow together in faith and knowledge, developing their unique gifts and talents both in the classroom and in the wider life of the school and beyond. 

The girls at St Martin's are at the heart of our purpose and vision.  They will be empowered to fulfil their learning potential because they are informed, ambitious, resilient; they respect and value education and being educated.  Our girls will fulfil their academic potential, but more than this, they will develop the skills, competencies and personal qualities and characteristics that will help them to be successful in the future in whatever route they choose to take.  

A St Martin's Girl is articulate and charismatic, and will become a:

  • RESPONSIBLE individual, with a strong sense of community, an understanding of the importance of courtesy,  appropriate behaviour  towards others and the environment.

  • CONFIDENT individual, able to think independently, confident in her academic and social capability and work within a strong moral framework.

  • SPIRITUAL individual, compassionately sensitive to the needs of others and self; instilled with a heightened sense of morality and culturally aware.

  • SUCCESSFUL individual who works hard, accepts challenges and is determined, scholarly and makes exceptional progress.

Our motto, CARITATE ET DISCIPLINA - WITH LOVE AND LEARNING, embodies our vision and is timeless. Schooling, more than anything, is about achieving success and having a zest for learning with plenty of awe and wonder. Quite simply, St Martin's is a great place to work - for staff and students alike. Both academic and social achievement is supported, encouraged and celebrated.