Examination information

On this page you will find important information relating to examination regulations for students.   Please click on the links below to download the guidance documents which outline expectations as set out by the Joint Council for Regulations.

All students must ensure that they read and are fully aware of all the regulations and abide by them in both the submission of controlled assessment and sitting examinations.

Please contact the Exams Officer, Ms McKoy if you have any queries.

JCQ information for candidates 2020-2021

Information for candidates - Social Media
Information for candidates - Coursework assessments
Information for candidates - Non-examination assessments
Information for candidates - On-screen examinations
Information for candidates - Written examinations
Information for candidates - Privacy Notice
Information for Candidates - Provisional Timetable
Information for candidates - Key Dates
Information for candidates - Unauthorised Items poster
Information for candidates - Warning to Candidates

 School Examination Policies

Examinations Policy 2019-2020
Contingency Plan 2019-2020
Disability Policy for Examinations 2020
Controlled Assessment Policy 2019-2020
Controlled Assessment Risk Management 2019-2020
Emergency Evacuation Procedure 2019-2020
Internal Appeals Procedure 2019-2020
Plagiarism and Malpractice Policy 2019-2020
Non Examination Assessment Procedure 2019-2020
Access Arrangements Policy 2019-2020
BTEC Assessment & Internal Verification Policy 2019-2020
BTEC Learner Appeals Policy 2019-2020
BTEC Registration & Certification Policy 2019-2020