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Accessibility Plan
Anti-Bullying Policy 2022-2023
Attendance Policy Addendum (Covid-19) June 2020
Attendance Policy November 2021
Behaviour for Learning 2022-2023
Behaviour Policy Addendum (Covid-19) July 2020
Bereavement and loss policy September 2020
Careers Education, Information and Guidance 2021
Charging and Remissions Policy
Collective Worship Policy
Complaints and serial/unreasonable complaints policy
Covid-19 Catch Up Premium Plan
Data Protection Policy (GDPR compliant) June 2020
Early Career Teacher Induction Policy June 2022
Equality Information 2021-2022
Equality Objectives 2021-2025
Exclusions Policy 2018
Fire Evacuation Policy 2020
Fire Evacuation Policy Addendum (COVID-19) June 2020
First Aid Policy 2022-2023
Health and Safety Policy 2021-2022
Hiring of premises Policy 2019
Home School Agreement Addendum (COVID-19) July 2020
Managing Abusive and Aggressive Behaviour of Parents 2019
Medicines in School Policy 2018-2020
Mental Health Workshop
Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy 2018-2021
Privacy Notice - Governors and Volunteers
Privacy Notice - Job Applicants
Privacy Notice - Parents & Carers Own Data
Privacy Notice - Parents and Carers
Privacy Notice - Students
Privacy Notice - Students Home Testing Covid-19
Privacy Notice - Students School Testing Covid-19
Provider Access Policy Statement
Pupil Premium Policy 2021-2022
Pupil Premium Strategy 2021-2022
Pupil Premium Strategy 2022-2023
Relationships and Sex Education and Wellbeing Policy
Religious Education Policy 2017
Remote Learning Policy 2021
Remote Learning Policy Appendix 1 Loan Agreement Form
Remote Learning Policy Appendix 2 Loan Record
RSHE Policy 2022
Safeguarding and Child Protection Addendum (Covid-19) July 2020
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2022-2023
Safer Recruitment Policy
SEND Information Covid-19 Addendum June 2020
SEND Information Report 2021-2022
SEND Information Report 2022-23
SEND Policy 2021-2022
Severe Weather Policy
Snow Routine Protocol Policy
Strike School Closure
Supervision of Students Policy June 2017
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy
Uniform and Dress Code
Visitors to School Covid-19 Addendum September 2020, updated March 2021
Visitors to School Policy 2017-2019
Whistle Blowing Code