St. Martin’s Big Bang Fair theme was ‘Engineering a Sustainable Future’ and both students and staff spent many weeks preparing for this major event in the school calendar which showcased work done both in Science lessons and during after-school STEM clubs. 

Throughout the day, students proudly presented their work which included water filtering systems and how to recycle waste correctly as well as how to develop transport, energy, buildings and products using sustainable sources. Among the many serious and thought-provoking presentations, there were some amusing ones too. For example, students and staff learnt that even chewing gum is recyclable - it can be made into cups and even shoes!!, and that soap can grow on trees.

Finally, some Year 10 students also had the opportunity to take part in a Sustainable Sound Engineering workshop run by Youth Construction Trust where they investigated several sustainable insulation materials and had to decide which material work best. Below is a list of all the presentations: 

  • Sustainable Electrical Engineering - Y9 Eco-warriors - students displayed and demonstrated through models how energy could be generated through alternate, sustainable means - they were articulate in conveying their findings to other students at all levels 
  • Sustainable Chemical Engineering - Y9 STEM club showcased their soaps, lip balms, bath bombs and deodorants made from sustainable raw materials, and explained the science behind the process of making each product
  • Sustainable Drinking Water - Y8 students displayed and demonstrated through experimental models how to clean water fit for drinking in poorer countries based on their water resource available.Looked at how important safe,clean water is to a healthy life and how to clean water 
  • Making recycling bins and stationary items (pencil holders, etc) to use at school. 
  • Sustainable building and construction 
  • Sustainable Buildings -Y7 and Y10 students explored how buildings could be designed to more energy efficient and eco friendly 
  • Y10 students worked on a project with The Thames Tideway Company to explore how to develop infrastructure within the confines of a busy city setting 
  • Sustainable transportation - Y8 students worked on a project about designs of vehicles that are more efficient and sustainable. 
  • Recycling - Y8 STEM club worked on a project looking at recycling. They run activity where students had to sort out the plastics in a given time. This allowed the students to think about the cost and effort that goes into recycling and they then made a pledge to do their part for the planet.