Crisis Careers Heroes

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Many of the services that make a difference in people's lives offer some of the most rewarding careers and bring immense personal rewards.  All too often taken for granted, these services have taken centre stage in the last few months as they have helped us all get through the coronavirus outbreak.  We want to take the opportunity to highlight some of these services and the career opportunities they offer.

  • Getting people and things around: bus and train drivers, delivery drivers, postal workers, warehouse staff.  You can find out more about what they do, how their jobs have been affected by coronavirus, how to qualify for these jobs and some job stats here.

  • NHS staff: ambulance control workers, anaesthetists, doctors, GPs, hospital porters, nurses, paramedics, receptionist and many more too numerous to list.  Find out more here.

  • Keeping things clean and tidy: cleaners, refuse collectors, maintenance engineers, water treatment workers.  Find out more here.

  • Keeping us fed: supermarket staff, farm workers, food delivery drivers.  Find out more here.

  • Keeping our public services going: emergency services, school staff, council staff, homeless support workers.  Find out more here.

For more information and to access interviews with some of the amazing people who are getting us through the crisis, visit Success at School here.